Spider Lily Studios
Based in London, UK

Founding date:
May 29th, 2018


Press / Business contact:



We don't have a phone.


Spider Lily Studios makes games that are beautiful and eerie, just like our name. We want to reach out to and inspire people through the medium of interactive narratives.


Early history

Technically, our first game together was To The Wolves, a Twine-based interactive narrative created for IFComp 2016. It was written and developed entirely by Els, with the cover art drawn by Domi. It was also Els' first solo game since graduating Macquarie University with a BA in Interactivity in Games a year prior. Bolstered by its warm reception and 11th-place finish, Els began developing ideas for what would become Retrace--a game in the tradition of the games that had inspired him in the past, such as Umineko no Naku Koro Ni and the Zero Escape series. In early 2017, he hired Domi as a freelance artist. A fellow fan of Umineko and other narrative games, Domi provided an invaluable source of inspiration for Retrace's narrative and characters. As Retrace began to take shape, Julian Adams (dev of Hyperlight Drifter fame) proposed an exchange--he was working on a text engine for Game Maker Studio, the same engine Retrace was using, and offered its use to the Spider Lily Studios team in exchange for bug testing and help with development. Despite his humility and insistence on not being repaid, he's getting a credit here anyway. So there. With the addition of music from Harmonic Blend (Dreaming Mary, Painted Heart) and UI by Selina Muriel, Retrace began to take shape. As of July 2018, the first demo build is almost ready for release.



Retrace opening theme YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "To The Wolves, 11th place" - IFComp 2016

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Els White
Lead Dev, Writer

Domi (@rustorange)
Artist, Freelancer

Julian Adams
Text Engineer

Music, Freelancer

Selina Muriel
UI Designer, Freelancer

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